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Alternative Fuel Stations in Covington, OK

Alternative Fuel Stations in Covington, OK

Alternative Fuel in Covington

There are a total of 1 alternative fuel stations within a 10-mile radius of the center of Covington, OK.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane)

Garber Co-op

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane)

102 Main St Garber, OK 73738

Hours of operation: 7:30am-5pm M-F, 8am-12pm Sat
Last confirmed on: 2018-09-10

Above is a complete list of alternative fuel locations in or near Covington, OK: biodiesel; compressed natural gas (CNG); ethanol (E85); electric; hydrogen; liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (propane) & more.

Alternative Fuel Tax Incentives and Credits in Covington, OK

Tax incentives and/or other rebates, credits, incentives or related initiaves for drivers of alternative fuel vehicles or for other uses of alternative fuel in Covington, OK.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tax and Fee

Compressed natural gas (CNG) used in motor vehicles is subject to a state motor fuel tax of $0.05 per gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) until January 1, 2020. Beginning January 1, 2020, the tax rate increases to match the rate imposed on diesel fuel. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is also subject to a state motor fuel tax rate of $0.05 per diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) until January 1, 2020, after which the tax rate increases to match the rate imposed on diesel fuel.

In lieu of the motor fuel tax, some AFV owners are subject to a motor vehicle fee. An annual flat fee applies to passenger automobiles, pickup trucks, vans and heavy-duty vehicles using propane, natural gas, methanol, or blends of 85% methanol and 15% gasoline (M85). Propane and natural gas vehicles with a payload capacity of less than 2,000 pounds (lbs.) are taxed at a rate of $50 per vehicle per year. Methanol and M85 vehicles with a payload capacity of less than 2,000 lbs. are taxed at a rate of $100 per vehicle per year. Propane, methanol, and M85 vehicles with a payload capacity greater than 2,000 lbs. are taxed at a rate of $150 per vehicle per year. If the owner acquires the vehicle or converts it to run on the alternative fuel after July 1 of the tax year, the flat fee is half of the above mentioned amount. AFVs must display a decal that the Oklahoma Tax Commission issues on an annual basis.

(Reference Oklahoma Statutes 68-500.4 and 68-723)

Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Tax Credit

For tax years beginning before January 1, 2020, a one-time income tax credit is available for 45% of the incremental cost of purchasing a new original equipment manufacturer AFV or converting a vehicle to operate on an alternative fuel. The state also provides a tax credit in the amount of 10% of the total vehicle cost, up to $1,500, if the incremental cost of a new AFV cannot be determined or when an AFV is resold, as long as a tax credit has not been previously taken on the vehicle. Equipment used for conversions must be new; must not have been previously used to modify or retrofit any vehicle; must meet applicable federal and state safety standards; and must be installed by a state certified alternative fuels equipment technician. The alternative fuels eligible for the credit are natural gas and propane. Tax credits may be carried forward for up to five years. (Reference Oklahoma Statutes 68-2357.22)

Biofuels Tax Exemption

Biodiesel or other biofuels produced by an individual from feedstocks grown on the individual's property and used in the individual's own vehicle are exempt from the state motor fuel excise tax. (Reference Oklahoma Statutes 68-500.4 and 68-500.10)

Low- and Medium-Speed Vehicle Access to Roadways

A low-speed electric vehicle (EV) is any four-wheeled EV powered by an electric motor that draws current from rechargeable storage batteries or other sources of electric current and whose top speed is greater than 20 miles per hour (mph) but not greater than 25 mph. Low-speed EVs may not operate on streets or highways with posted speed limits greater than 35 mph but may cross a street or highway with a posted speed limit greater than 35 mph.

A medium-speed EV is defined as any self-propelled, electrically powered four-wheeled motor vehicle, whose top speed is greater than 30 miles per hour (mph) but not greater than 35 mph. Medium-speed EVs must be registered according to the Oklahoma Vehicle License and Registration Act. Medium-speed EVs may operate on roadways with a posted speed limit of up to 45 mph but are not permitted to travel on any highway in the state that is a part of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways. Low- and medium-speed EVs must meet the safety standards specified in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 571.500.

(Reference Oklahoma Statutes 47-11-805.1, 47-1102, and 47-1151.4)

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Infrastructure Development

The Oklahoma Legislature intends to increase the amount of CNG fueling infrastructure in the state, with the overall goal of having one public fueling station every 50 miles by 2025. The Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services Fleet Management Division may partner with private entities to build CNG fueling infrastructure. (Reference Oklahoma Statutes 74-78f)

Biodiesel Definition and Specifications

Biodiesel is defined as a fuel that is comprised only of mono-alkyl esters of long chain fatty acids, is produced from vegetable oils or animal fats, and meets ASTM specification D6751. A biodiesel blend is a blend of biodiesel meeting ASTM specification D6751 and petroleum-based diesel fuel. (Reference Oklahoma Statutes 52-325)

Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) and Infrastructure Rebate - Oklahoma Natural Gas

Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) offers rebates for NGVs purchased or converted after June 20, 2016, in the amount of $2,000 for a dedicated of bi-fuel NGV. ONG also offers $3,000 toward the cost of a compressed natural gas home fueling station. Rebates are available on a first come, first served basis and are limited to three rebates per applicant, per calendar year. For more information, see the ONG CNG Rebate Program website.

Natural Gas Vehicle Loans - Communication Federal Credit Union (CFCU)

CFCU offers loans to individuals and businesses that purchase new or converted compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Conversion systems must be certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and installed by an insured and state-licensed facility. New vehicle loans are available at amounts up to the manufacturer's suggested retail price plus the cost of the conversion. Pre-owned or CFCU member-owned vehicles with a CNG fuel system or conversion installation are eligible for loans at up to 115% of the National Automobile Dealers Association suggested retail value. All financing is at CFCU standard auto loan rates. CFCU also offers loans for the cost of home fueling appliances. For more information, see the CFCU CNG Loans website.

Ethanol Sales Tax Exemption

The portion of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) sold and blended with motor fuel is exempt from sales tax. (Reference Oklahoma Statutes 68-500.10-1 and 68-1359)

Natural Gas Vehicle and Idle Reduction Weight Exemption

A vehicle powered in whole or part by compressed or liquefied natural gas may exceed the state's gross and axle weight limits by up to 2,000 pounds, equal to the difference between the weight of the vehicle with the natural gas tank and fueling system and the weight of a comparable diesel tank and fueling system. The exemption is allowed on all state roads and interstate highways, as defined in Title 23 of the Code of Federal Regulations section 127(s).

Any vehicle equipped with idle reduction technology may exceed the state's gross vehicle weight limits by up to 400 pounds to compensate for the additional weight of the idle reduction technology. The additional weight may not exceed the actual certified weight of the idle reduction unit. Upon request, vehicle operators must provide proof or certification of the weight of the idle reduction technology and proof that the idle reduction technology is fully functional.

(Reference Oklahoma Statutes 47-14-109 and 47-14-109.3)

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Covington Facts

The town of Covington (OK) in Garfield County has an estimated population of 527.

Alternative Fuel Stations in OK

Alternative Fuel Stations in Covington

There are currently at least 1 alternative fuel stations in or near Covington, OK (10-mile radius).

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Alternative fuels are energy sources that provide energy security and environmental benefits.

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